Bringing You industry-specific expertise whatever You're shipping, wherever You're shipping it.


We offer fast transit times with excellent global coverage as well-maintained equipment (standard, food-grade, out-of gauge and reefer) when and where our customers need it.


We understand demand of automotive logistics, whether you’re shipping cars, motorbikes or engine parts, and the pressures faced by manufacturers operating Just-In-Time (JIT) or Just-In Sequence (JIS) production cycles.

Food & Beverage

From Frozen meats to fruits and vegetables, beers and spirits, many of the world’s most celebrated band trust BOS to fulfil their shipping and logistics needs every day

Paper & Paper Related

Providing a fast, flexible and efficient service across all trade lanes is crucial to the paper industries. BOS has long established experience and expertise , connecting the world’s leading paper mills with major global consumer markets.


Transporting chemicals requires care and precise, robust processes. We will always meet the highest international safety and environmental standards.

Plastic & Rubber

From natural polymers to petrochemical derivatives and thermoplastics, these commodities are essential to the manufacture, processing or packaging of products across countless other industries. Successfully servicing this colossal need requires a global-scale shipping and logistics operation.


Global product sourcing has been essential to retailer’ commercial success in the retailers’ commercial success for many years. Achieving commercial success in the retail market is tough. As well as extensive choice and high quality, consumers expect the products they order when and how they want them. BOS knows that meeting these expectations requires robust supply chains with the flexibility to adapt constantly changing needs.